13th April 2020
Message from one of our Instructors

Hi All
I am willing to invite instructors at Pass4fun to our Birmingham Approved Driving Instructors (BADIs) webinar this Thursday 16th April at 7pm.
This will be a question and answer session with an Andy Hawkins a DVSA test centre manager at Wednesbury. Also in attendance will be Diane Hall, a therapist who helps with anxiety.
Please contact Lynne in the first instance if interested in attending this meeting.
Kind Regards

31st March 2020 Information for PDI’s

This is a message that Paul received from the ADI National Joint Council

Great to see so many members on our webinar last night, thanks for your questions – if you didn’t get an answer at the time we will endeavour to email you.  For anyone who wasn’t able to join you can view the webinar here.  It has also been shared on Facebook, and it’s on our website.

Some points of clarification arising from the discussion around the return of trainee licences (by cutting them up and emailing a photograph).

  • The advice on gov.uk is ‘if you are unable to use your licence for any period of time you should return it’. to [email protected]
  • it takes, literally, seconds to update the system to say that the licence has been ‘returned’.
  • Once the trainee is able to resume teaching people again, PDIs just need to drop DVSA an email and and the Registrar’s team will re-issue the licence and send it out the same day. It’s not a lengthy process.
  • anyone who was issued a licence just before the shut down, is being offered to restart the licence from, currently 8 June, so they will have six months from then instead of three.  Same for those who have a start date in the next few weeks.
  • DVSA say they are doing everything they can to prevent anyone paying now for something they know they can’t use.
  • There are no circumstances where DVSA can offer an extension, people can only apply for a further licence.
  • If you send your pink licence back, as per DVSA advice, please remember to check out your car insurance.  C & A Mackie say that the PDI needs to inform them and they will change their insurance down to social and domestic, unless they are volunteering in which case they would need to change to that.

Whilst our newsflashes are normally a benefit of membership of the ADINJC, during this national emergency we want to share information as widely as possible, so please feel free to pass this on.  We are stronger together.

The NJC continues to be dedicated to help you in these challenging times and we hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.  Please feel free to contact us for help and support.

ADINJC’s helpline is 0800 8202 444

The Secretary’s number is 07855 453414

You can find the latest NASP guidelines on Coronavirus here.

HMRC Helpline:  0800 0159 559
Citizens Advice Bureau – https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/health/coronavirus-what-it-means-for-you/

You can sign up to receive Government updates on Coronavirus relating to driving tests here.

27th March 2020 communication from Willows our accountants


We are sure most people will have seen the news last night that HMRC are putting in place measures to help the self employed in order to bring things into line with the 80% of wages employed workers are to receive. If you have completed and filed your 5 April 2019 tax return HMRC will write to all self employed individual’s who are eligible to receive funding in due course. If you have not yet filed your 5 April 2019, now is the time to do so, you only have until 23 April to get it in before the cut off date for this grant. It is important to note here that the government have specifically said that they shall not call or e-mail so if you receive anything like this, its a scam.

At present, you don’t need to do anything at the moment. HMRC will review all self employed workers tax returns and shall then, if you are eligible, write directly to you and there shall then be an online application to be made, if you struggle with this let us know and we should be able to help.

However, there are two pieces of disappointing news. Firstly this scheme is intended to cover 95% of self employed people which, of course, means that some self employed workers (5%) will get no assistance. Secondly the government do not expect this money to actually start being paid until, at best, June. Government advice is currently to contact Universal Credit (0800 328 5644) to see if you are eligible to make a claim (I would have thought that line may be busy so please be patient). Another option is to access the business loan interruption scheme, please remember though that this is a loan and so will need to be repaid (perhaps the grant received could be used to repay?) and in order to apply for this you should contact your bank directly.

We shall provide updates when they become know and if you have any queries in the meantime, just get in touch

Best Regards, hoping you are all well


Willows Accountancy Limited

stay at home - Coronavirus

23rd March 2020 Message from Willows our accountants


While we are sure that everyone is avidly following the news about Coronavirus and how it is effecting business, we hope that you shall find it helpful if we provide a summary of what is known so far and a useful link to the Government website – this website is updated at least daily so is a good source of new information.


  • Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – this is the measure that was announced on Friday whereby the government shall provide 80% of the funding for employees wages in order to avoid redundancy. At present although their seems to be the basics of a system in place to inform HMRC that employees have been entered on this scheme there is no way of submitting the information to HMRC or actually accessing the money, this is a matter of urgency to the government though so updates should be available soon. Please also be aware that this scheme covers salary so for owner/managed businesses there is no work yet on how, or indeed if, dividends shall be covered
  • Sick pay – employers can reclaim SSP for two weeks of employee absence – again at present there is no system in place for actually receiving this money and the above job retention scheme seems to be what the government are focusing on at present. SSP used to be knocked off the payment of PAYE & NI that is made monthly/quarterly to HMRC and so it would seem sensible that something similar is used now.
  • Tax relief – self employed individuals are now not required to make their July payment on account and VAT registered business do not need to make payment of VAT. Please remember though that these tax liabilities are merely deferred not cancelled – they do need to be paid eventually.
  • Rates holidays and government grants – any business in the retail/hospitality and leisure businesses should receive exemption from business rates and all businesses with premises that pay either no business rates or whose premises have a rateable value of up to £51k shall receive a grant of some sort. In al cases the local councils shall be in touch with either amended rates bills, details of the grant available to that business or both.
  • Coronavirus Business interruption Loan Scheme – Funding over the next few months is going to be a major concern for all business but there is additional worry if your business already has loan repayments to make. It may be that in order to service these loans a new loan will need to be arranged with your bank via the business interruption loan scheme. The loan scheme is also there to help businesses who find themselves in general need of funding.

Even with the latest information there a big questions that still need answering, what is going to be done for the self employed, how will relief, if any, be given for the amounts shareholders take in dividends and, perhaps most importantly, how can businesses get their hands on the relief measures available. 

Should you have any queries not covered by any of the above, there is a government helpline available – 0300 456 3565

Kind regards


Willows Accountancy Limited

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