Driving school franchise available

Driving Instructor Franchise

Fantastic New Deal!

Driving Instructor Franchise now available, call 0753 813 2664 for details. Sign up for our newsletter here
Driving Instructor Franchise Available. Ask for our £10 franchise special deal, (make sure you mention the £10 franchise).
5 weeks free, then £10 franchise and you won’t be asked for the £10 franchise until you’ve had a minimum of 10 pupils
This is the best deal we’ve ever offered, all our instructors have full diaries, hence we need more ADI’s. Please ask our instructors how they are doing!!

About Pass4fun Driving instructor franchise

We started trading in December 2009 with just 2 Driving Instructors, it took about 6 months to establish our School and then we got our next instructor on board, and we haven’t looked back since.
Our name is now known across the region and we advertise in many different ways from radio ads to ads on buses, we have expanded at a steady rate and we are experiencing a major growth in bookings.

Driving instructor franchise

If you are interested please call 0753 444 8327 or 0753 132 664 between 9am and 9pm, or text and we’ll get back to you.

why join our driving instructor franchise

Really low introductory rates, call for more details we don’t do hard sell, we just give you the chance to fill your diary.
Or ask about our £10 franchise deal.
We also give you 3 free weeks before your Franchise payments start and 4 weeks franchise holiday a year.
This is a genuine opportunity, we want you as a long term partner.
We leave you to run your own diary.
You work the hours you choose.
We provide help and support if and when you need it.
We provide all handouts literature etc.
Free advice always available.
Free standards check training and help.
We are a family run Business.

driving instructor franchise proven track record

Our Driving Instructor franchise opportunities won’t be available for ever as we don’t commit to recruiting if we can’t keep you happy!
Call now and avoid disappointment.
We have recruited from other driving schools and we hear how you are treated, we want to work with you in a professional manner, with mutual respect, but most of all we want to give you pupils!!
If you come and have a chat and hear what we have to offer we feel sure you won’t be disappointed, remember all of our instructors are happy with our performance, so what are you waiting for, pick up the phone, what have you got to lose?

Now read what some of our instructors have said….
Alan said “I can never complain about you (Pass4fun) you’ve been really good to me”. When he joined he also had a part time job to make ends meet, he didn’t keep the part time job for long after joining Pass4fun.
Andy said tongue in cheek to Lynne (Pass4fun manager) “stop calling me with pupils I can’t take any more on” and he says this regularly.
Dave said “You said you would give me lots of pupils and I thought you were coming out with the bulls**t, but I was wrong you really do supply lots of pupils”
Rob said “After 13 years of being an instructor this is the first time I’ve gone into the new year with a full diary and it’s all because of you guys at Pass4fun”
Michael one of our ADI’s complained, “You said you would give me pupils, but I never expected this many!”
Neil said “I only wanted to do 30 to 35 hours but now I’m doing over 45”
Dave said “I always recommend you (Pass4fun) to other instructors, you’ve always looked after me”

mob: 0753 813 2664 Or email

For full details of our £10 franchise+ call 0753 813 2664

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