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Brendan Holmes has passed his driving test, and he passed first timeBrendan doesn't pull his punches

Well done to yet another first time passer Brendan who's from Tipton, and this is the review he sent us. "Thank you for all your support in my driving lessons Aky, sound bloke couldn't done it without him! Passed 1st time with only 3 minors I would 100% recommend him to everyone! great bloke thanks again mate n see you around Brendan. Cheers"

Wayne Wroe from Wolverhampton after passing his driving test first timeHis tuition was a outstanding

Pictured here is Wayne who passed his test first time with zero faults, he sent us this message "would like to say for pass4fun website, Would like to say thank you to Paul my instructor all the time he was professional but also a great friend, his tuition was a outstanding and it was always an enjoyable lesson, top instructor cheers"

Johnathan Hussey who passed with a clean sheetA clean sheet.... Zero Minors

Well here we have Johathan from Wolverhampton. And the really great news is he passed with a clean sheet.... Zero Minors.. Absolutely brilliant. Well done Johnathan, and well done to Paul, your instructor.

Ashley Perks from Ashmore Park after his test passYou are a legend

Ashley passed first time and he sent this review. "Before I started my lessons with pass for fun I was with a different company who made me feel I couldnt achieve my goal to become a safe driver and to pass my test then I I came across pass for fun and started taking lessons with a brilliant instructor named Terry he was great he learnt me everything I know today about driving and if it wasn't for him and the company I wouldn't of passed my practical I would defenatly recommend anybody who is interested in learning to drive to go to pass for fun they are brilliant and they go above and beyond to make sure you are ready thank you Terry you are a legend mate"

Peter Thompson from Willenhall.Always encouraging and cheerful

Congratulations to Peter from Willenhall, we asked him for a quote and this is what he had to say "Well what can I say, Terry he's a great instructor. He may moan and groan about waking up early on a Sunday morning to see me but he was always encouraging and cheerful. He also gave me tips and hints about driving and taught me to drive and that was a hard thing in its self. That's why I will also respect him and call him a friend not just a instructor. Thanks Terry and also the car was great to drive and felt so smooth on the road. Thanks again!"

Brittany Horton from brierley hill after her test passExtremely patient

Brittany Horton from brierley hill has passed recently and Britts sent us this quote. "A massive thank you to Pete for helping me to pass! Would definitely recommend him to anyone, he's extremely patient and helped to build my confidence on the roads, I wouldn't have been able to pass without all of his support! Thankyou again:)"

Chloe Glaze from Old Hill.Amazing the whole way through

This is Chloe Glaze from Old Hill, Cradley Heath who passed her driving test first time, so we asked Chloe for a quote and this is what she said. "Hiya Pete! Sorry it's so late! You were absolutely amazing the whole way through. I never would of passed first time would it not have been for you! You have so much patience and understanding. Thank you for everything!"

Kashif has passed his testPerfect Clean Sheet

"Well what can say, no matter how much I praise my Instructor Terry it just wouldn't be enough. After having a few Instructors I found Terry after contacting Pass4Fun, and found Terry to be a teacher and a source of guidance which is what I always looked for and needed. Simple, straightforward, old school and great value for money. Before meeting Terry I did have driving experience so he didn't have to work himself too hard with me but one thing he did do for sure was he really polished my skills squeaky clean. Made me think deeper into what I was doing and how I could do a certain manoeuvre quickly, safely, swiftly and much more effectively. A few days before my practical test there was a sudden change in car but Terry was there all the way and didn't for one second let me focus on anything else apart from that pass certificate. He sat me down and really made me believe in my driving skills and ability, made me realise that no matter which car I took my test on, nothing could stop me from achieving what I set out to achieve. He sat me down on the morning of my practical and gave me a little Old School talk. I took a deep breath in and had faith in the teachings and methods of Terry. That talk would then take me onto passing my test with flying colours, a Perfect Clean Sheet. Zero Minors. Just what I always wanted and talked about. Terry I just want to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a great teacher as well as a loyal friend. Thank you Pass4Fun for picking me up from a desperate moment of need after being let down elsewhere at the last minute and taking me to pitch perfection."

Tatjana Marlow from Halesowen after passing her test, first time.Always encouraging

Congratulations to Claire pictured who is from Netherton, We asked her for her thoughts about Pass4fun and this is what she sent us. "Pass4fun were great, Pete was brilliant always encouraging me and knew I could pass, thank you so much couldn't of wished for a better instructor thank you so much Claire" Thanks for the kind words and enjoy your driving. The Pass4fun team.

Pass4fun are a brilliant company

Congratulations to Rachel from netherton on passing her driving test. As always we asked Rachel for a quote and this is what she had to say. "Pass4fun are a brilliant company. Pete has been an excellent instructor. Always on time or early. Pushed me and gave me confidence resulting in me passing second time"

Tatjana Marlow from Halesowen after passing her test, first time.Absolutely brilliant, 5 STAR

Pictured here is Sam from Wall Heath, and she excitedly told us all about her experience of learning to drive with Pass4fun and this is what she had to say. "Absolutely brilliant, 5 star if you want to drive after your test feeling ready and confident then get Mike at Pass4fun"

Pictured is Kyle from Ashmore Park after passing his driving test.Brilliant Instructor

Kyle from Ashmore Park passed 1st time here's his quote. "Thankyou Paul - Brilliant Instructor I started my driving lessons with Pass4fun in early March. Throughout every lesson Paul has always given me the confidence I needed and boosted me to achieve my goal to passing my test first time. Throughout every stall and mistake Paul always reassured me and gave me the upmost belief I needed. I can't thank Paul enough for his time and patience throughout my lessons with him. Your skills and professionalism as a driving instructor are next to none. I highly recommended Paul to anyone who wants to undertake lessons with Pass4fun they are an exceptional great value for money"

Tatjana Marlow from Halesowen after passing her test, first time.I loved learning with him

Pictured here is Tatjana after her first time pass. TJ kindly gave us this quote. "Pass4fun were fantastic. My instructor, Pete was always reliable, patient and fun. I loved learning with him and would never have been able to pass in the time I did or first time without him"


Absolutely brilliant 5*'s if you want to drive after your test feeling ready and confident then get mike at pass4fun

Pictured is Ash from after passing his extended driving test.Comfortable driving experience

Ash from Dudley took an extended test and passed with 2 minors! This is what a delighted Ash had to say. "Will recommend to all, excellent instructor. Learnt lots not just to pass my test but become a better driver than what I was. Comfortable driving experience and had fun. And PASSED!!! A credit to the Pass4fun"

Here we have Eleanor Bartlett, who is from Brierley Hilll after passing her driving test with just one minor fault.The friendly approach

Eleanor from Holly Hall recently passed her driving test with just one minor fault, Eleanor sent us a quote “Thanks to Pass4fun I was able to pass my theory and practical driving test first time with ease. The friendly approach Terry has to driving definitely enabled me to learn quickly and his encouragement enabled me to believe in myself and my abilities which paid off. Since my first lesson with Pass4fun I felt very comfortable and confident in my ability to drive. Each lesson increased my confidence and I became able to handle and operate the car with ease. Terry made me feel very relaxed and always pushed me to improve on my driving. Learning to drive in the Hyundai i30 was a great experience as the car itself is not too big so it was perfect to be able to successfully carry out the manoeuvers and handle in general.” Happy driving Eleanor, from the Pass4fun team.

Pictured is Charlotte from Brierley Hill after passing her driving test first time. Well done Charlotte.Made me feel at ease at all times

Congratulations to Charlotte from Brierley Hill. As ever we here at Pass4fun asked for a quote and here is what Charlotte sent us.

"Pass4fun were really helpful, and my instructor was really nice and made me feel at ease at all times. I wouldn't have passed in the time I did if my instructor hasn't helped me gain confidence with my driving so quickly. I would recommend Pass4fun to everyone"

Ashley Bradley from Bentley after passing his test.Reliable, and FUN

Ben Homer passed his driving test with just four minor faults. Ben can now start driving his Renault Megan without a co-pilot now. When asked for a quote Ben sent this text message "Pass4fun and Terry, excellent service, very friendly, experienced, reliable, and FUN'.

Happy motoring Ben, from all the team.

Pictured is Emily from Walsall after passing her driving test first time. Well done from the Pass4fun team.Thank you Pass4fun

A big well done to Emily Byrnes from Walsall, Emily had never driven before and passed 1st time. This is what she had to say    "Thank you Pass4fun for everything. A massive thank you to Paul my instructor who has been with me for every stall, mistake and achievement.  I couldn't have done it without his support"

Ashley Bradley from Bentley after passing his test.Installed me with bunches of confidence

Ashley Bradley from Bentley. Ashley was recommended by his girlfriend Rebecca Duckers who passed with Pass4fun earlier in the year. Ashley passed 1st time and this is what he had to say. "Thanks for everything mate, never had any lessons until you taught me some great techniques to remember things by, laid back and calm, always punctual, very friendly didn't put any pressure on me and installed me with bunches of confidence, thanks mate"

Colton Williams from Dudley. Pictured after passing his driving testAmazing driving instructor

Colton Williams from Dudley today passed his driving test, first time with very few faults. He will now be able to get behind the wheel of his Mini Cooper. Colton had this to say about Terry and Pass4fun, "Terry was an amazing driving instructor . I would highly recommend him for anyone!! Very friendly and very polite, I could not fault him, thanks for everything". Good luck with everything Colt.=


Jamie Bates from Willenhall after passing his test.Lessons are very enjoyable

Pictured here is Jamie from Willenhall, who passed his driving test with flying colours, when asked for a quote Jamie said "lessons with Pass4fun are very enjoyable as the instructor always has the greatest confidence and patience with you. The lessons are well taught and all of the greatest accessories are provided". Well done Jamie, drive carefully.

Kate Johnson from Dudley. Pictured after passing her driving testEnthusiastic instructor

Nice one Kate who passed her test with only one minor fault. She will now be able to drive her Fiesta whenever she wants. Kate said " Terry is a great, enthusiastic instructor and I found the lessons were fantastic". We all hope you have many happy years of safe driving.

Kirsty Fellows from Wolverhampton after passing her test.Thanks for everything!!

Congratulations to Kirsty Fellows from Castlecroft, as ever we got a quote and here's what she said.

"Very good instructor, highly recommended, a pleasure to have passed with, very friendly and gave me a lot of confidence!
Thanks for everything!! Will recommend you in future to anyone I know, thank you!........Kirsty from Castlecroft.."

Cossou is one cool dude from Dudley.5 Star teacher

As you can see its thumbs up from Stephen Cossou who's from Dudley. When asked for a quote this is what he texted to us. "I passed first time with Pass4fun....I highly recommend them....ak is a 5★ teacher...soo if u want to pass first time learn with the best....PASS4FUN....STEPHEN COSSOU"

Jamie Guest from Wolverhampton after passing his test.Strong recommendation, very pleased

Welcome to Jamie Guest from Wolverhampton to our 'wall of fame'. As ever asked for a quote and Jamie said... "I'm very pleased with the tuition I have received under Pass4fun and the instructor Paul. He was reassuring and helped me to be calm as I was learning to drive. I give him and Pass4fun a strong recommendation."

Zahida Sultana after her success at the test centreAmazing Instructor

Congratulations to Zahida Sultana, from Wolverhampton. We asked Zahida for a quote and this is what she said. "Big thanks to Paul on helping me to pass my test! Amazing instructor who helps teach you at your own pace whilst building up your confidence behind the wheel. Highly recommend Pass4fun to anyone!!"

Sian Leggatt from Bradmore Wolverhampton after passing her test.'You've been wonderful'

Thank you, you've been wonderful. No other word for it :) I'll book in for motorways in the new year but until then have a lovely Christmas. If I see you in a pub I'll buy you a pint :)

For the website:
I really enjoyed passing my test with Pass For Fun. Paul my instructor was second to none and all I ever hoped for. Thanks to him I passed safely, calmly and confidently. Thanks Paul :)


I thought all the message should be shared.

Hollie Pass from Bentley, WalsallFirst time pass for second Pass

Well it's happy families here at Pass4fun because if you go down this page a little you will see Hayley, well this is Hayley's sister Hollie Pass, (if I wrote headlines for the national press I could have a field day with the name, but unfortunately I can't seem to come up with a very good headline). Any way well done to Hollie Pass who passed with a different instructor to Hayley as she learned with Lakhvir, but as we expect, with the same result, a first time PASS.

Nicola Perry from Willenhall after her passAbsolutely brilliant instructor

Pictured here is Nicola Perry from Willenhall, Nicola failed her previous test due to nerves. So on her next test she decided to take her instructor with her as she felt having a familiar face in the car would help. It certainly did as she passed with flying colours. This is what she had to say "l couldn't thank Paul enough for learning me to drive and over come my nerves. Absolutely brilliant instructor l couldn't recommend a better person to learn with"

Rebecca Duckers from Bentley, WalsallClean sheet - No faults recorded

This is Rebecca Duckers from Bentley, Walsall. Rebecca took her test and passed not only with flying colours but without any driving faults recorded on her test report. Rebecca told Pass4fun "l have recently passed my test with Paul of Pass4fun. From my first lesson, Paul put me at ease and gave me confidence with his patience and good sense of humour! This enabled me to pass my driving test with a clean sheet - no minors!! I would not hesitate to recommend Paul and Pass4fun"

Hayley Pass from Bentley, Walsall after her first time passHayley puts the Pass into Pass4fun!

Well done to Hayley Pass from Bentley, Walsall. When Hayley joined Pass4fun she had never driven before and she went on to pass first time. This is what Haley had to say about her time with Pass4fun. "Paul I'm so happy, thank you for being a great teacher! You've taught me the skills and have given me the confidence l needed to pass! I will definitely recommend you to friends and family who are wanting to learn to drive!   Woohoo"

Emma from Willenhall has passed her test with Pass4fun Driving SchoolFirst time pass for Emma

Well what can I say, this is my daughter who passed first time with Pass4fun. Emma said "I always knew Pass4fun would get me to pass but first time is brill, I haven't stopped smiling since I passed, oh and my dad (who is a director of Pass4fun) has now got to buy me a car." Well what I would advise Emma to do is the Passplus, to bring down the cost of the insurance on the car she thinks I'm going to buy her. Well done from Dad xxxx

ps I am not a driving Instructor, but I know one or two Instructors.

Danielle from Wolverhampton after passing her test first timeThe time and paitence he had!

Well done to Danielle of Wolverhampton on passing her test first time here's what she had to say. "Driving with Paul was very enjoyable, the time and paitence he had with me was amazing. The way he taught me my manoeuvres made them so easy to get the hang off. He's the best in the game (I should know I had 3 instructors before Paul) not to mention I passed first time!!"

Always on time and never fails

Niccki Hood from Brierley Hill sent us this quote. "Mike is amazing, quick to learn, always on time and never fails to complete anything. He will always be willing to help and determined to help you anything ur struggling with. I couldn't off asked for anyone better. Thank you for everything and will always remember how great you been. All the best"

Jessica GowerPerfect. Thank you so much

Congratulations to Jessica Gower aged just 17 from Bescot Walsall. Jess took advantage of our intensive course 40 lessons inc test, she passed with only a few minor faults. This is what Jessica had to say about Pass4fun.  "Learning to drive with Pass4fun has been a great experience and I'm sad to see it has ended. I would highly recommend Paul because he always made me feel comfortable and his guidance and way of learning me was perfect. Thank you so much"

Victor gets a riseVictors a good bet for promotion

A little birdy tells us that because Victor passed his test he's going to get a promotion at work, it's yet another reason to trust the professionals at Pass4fun.

We asked Victor Ohaji who hails from Tipton, for a quote and this is what he sent us.

"100% that Aky is the best instructor around, good communication and understanding, thanks alot to him, god bless, I PASSED...YAY !!!"

Farai from Brierley Hill passed todayOh wow Aky you rock man

Farai Machabango from Brierley Hill passed his driving test recently, he only had 12 lessons and got 3 minor faults on the day of his test. We asked Farai for a quote and here's what he said (unedited).

 "Oh wow Aky you rock man, I enjoyed your company, motivation, jokes, and how relaxed you made me feel during every lesson. On my test day l was so nervous but you motivated me and that lesson before the test really helped me a lot thank you for all your support
Thanks a lot
Farai LM"

I recommend Pass4funI would strongly recommend Pass4fun

Adam from New Invention, Willenhall has been in touch and sent his own photograph for us to include on our website as his Instructor forgot to capture the moment, this is the glowing endorsement he sent to us. "Learning to drive with Pass4fun was great and enjoyable, my instructor Alan was very patient very helpful and he helped me get my achievement today. I would strongly recommend Pass4fun to others. Adam"

Maddison Morrell-Davies has passed her driving test and she was still only 17

...thanks to the BEST instructor EVER

Maddison Morrell-Davies 17 from Pelsall is pictured left. Maddi wanted to pass her test before her 18th birthday. She took her test on 20th of this month and passed 1st time with only 2 driving faults. OBJECTIVE ACHIEVED. Maddi said "l would recommend pass4fun to anyone. Paul was very easy to get on with and made me feel at ease. He told me what I did wrong and praised me when I did it right. It's been a great experience thanks to the BEST instructor EVER"

Reliable Pass4funMy instructor was always on time

Thumbs up for James Assia from Oldbury who has just passed his driving test, and he happily gave us this quote, "I found Pass4fun very reliable and my instructor was always on time, and I passed my test first time, Cheers Mike"

Well done James, from all at Pass4fun.

Daniel Burris after his test success

We shall overcome

Daniel Burris 17 from New Invention. Daniel had 33 lessons and passed 1st time with only 4 driving faults. Daniel said "I found my driving experience very good although at times I felt quite nervous but with the help of my instructor Paul I overcame my nerves" his instructor Paul added "and he went on to prove nerves can be overcome and a test pass can be achieved"

Kayl Smart from Cannock looking pleased with herselfVery reliable and very friendly

Well done to Kayl Smart from Cannock, doesn't she look pleased. We asked Kayleigh for a quote about her time with Pass4fun and here's what she said. "Wanna say a massive thank you to Paul for taking me for my test at such short notice! I would highly recommend Pass4fun to anyone taking lessons. Very reliable and very friendly. Thank you guys!"

Ben Renolds after passing his driving testVery enjoyable

Congratulations to Ben Reynolds aged just 17 from New Invention, Willenhall. Ben had 27 lessons and passed 1st time with only 3 driving faults. Ben said "I would highly recommend Pass4fun and Paul my instructor and I found the whole experience very enjoyable"

Wel done Jordan Recommended to Pass4fun

Well done to Jordon from Dudley, who recently passed his driving test, we asked him for a quote for our testimonials page and this is what he said. "I had been recommended to Pass4fun. Mike helped me a lot, I could alway ask him questions. And I would get a friendly response. I would certainly recommend Mike, thanks"

Liam Barns from Gornal after passing his testFun with Pass4fun

Here's our latest testimonial, its Liam Barns from Gornal. Liam pictured to the left holding his pass certificate, was chuffed to bits about his success and he said "My lessons were fun and I would recommend Pass4fun Driving School"





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Well done AmandaI would recommend Pass4fun to anyone

Amanda Kalugomla has kindly sent us this quote so here it is totally unedited "I have really enjoyed my lesson with Michael, he has taught me everything I needed to know to pass and I passed first time with him. I would recommend Pass4fun to anyone thank you"

Marie Price-Franks has passed her driving test with Pass4funI've passed so quickly

Marie Price-Franks aged just 17 from Bloxwich has passed 1st time with just 4 minor driving faults. See her unedited quote below....

"Here's my little quote: I would love to thankyou pass 4 fun and Paul in particular for providing a great driving experience and also for helping me pass first time! It feels like i've passed so quickly and would recommend them to anyone!"

Madhurima after passing her driving testPass4fun is a fantastic driving school

The quote below is what another of our former pupils had to say. "Pass4fun is a fantastic driving school. I have enjoyed my lessons and passed first time with Mike after 15 enjoyable lessons. I am very happy with my result as I failed a few tests with other driving schools and instructors. Mike helped me to over come my driving faults which made my fail three other tests with other schools. Thanks Mike (Madhurima Vallabhaneni, Dudley)"



Another pass success for Pass4funNever drove and passed after 20 lessons

Another of our really fast learners Jordan Brookes, is pictured on the left and he gave us this quote.

"I was very happy with my lesson and with my instructor Mike and would recommend Pass4fun to all my friends. I had never drove before and passed after just 20 lessons with Mike"

Joy Chan pictured after passing her driving test Patient and supportive

Well done Joy Chan on passing your driving test first time, and thanks for the quote.
"Thank you ever so much for teaching me. You have been a great instructor!!! I would not have been able to pass the test without your help. You have been very patient and supportive which has helped me to become more confident in my driving. Big thanks!!!"

Jack Shaw shows off his certificateHard work pays off for Shaw

Jack Shaw from Dudley Port passed his driving test with a couple of minor faults. Jack picked up driving really well and passed 1st time.
Jack said "I would like to thank Terry for all the hard work he  put in and for helping me to pass first time, good luck in the future"

Ricky passes his testRicky does it easy

Ricky Turner passed first time with ease, Ricky said "Thank you Terry, the whole experience has been amazing, starting off n the mistakes I made, made me better after getting told off.
You made me feel so confident. You praised me and told me off when I did silly things. Thanks a lot was so good, ur  best driving instructor ever, cheers thanks Ricky"

Jack from Essington is successful

Essington's Jack the lad

Jack Taehaile from Essington, passed first time. Jack was very nervous to start with but soon picked it up and passed very quickly.
Jack quoted "Fantastic that I have passed my test and thank you Terry for your help and support."

Luke Kite who lives in Dudley has passed her driving test imageRelaxed calm and really helpful

Luke Kite from Dudley passed first time. Luke picked up driving very quickly because he was already riding a motorbike. Luke said “ I had my lessons with Terry, he got me through my theory and to pass my test first time! He is relaxed, calm and really helpful. I enjoyed my time learning to drive with Terry and Pass4fun, so thank you! I would recommend Terry to everyone 10 out of 10 every time. Thanks Luke"

Becky from Stourbridge has passed her driving test image

Every minute of it was so much fun

Congratulations Becky Ettle who passed who has just passed her test. We asked Becky who is from Stourbridge to give us a quote and this is what she texted to us. "I just wanted to say a massive thankyou once again, you really helped boost my confidence, I never thought in a million years I'd pass my test but every minute of it was so much fun. I highly recommend Pass4fun and especially you"

Jake Ellison pictured after test success

Jake's lovin' it

Jake Ellison from Heath Hayes is another Pass4fun success story. Jake is 17 years old and passed at Cannock test centre, Jake who works at Maccies said "we always had a laugh on my lessons, and I really enjoyed my lessons, I would highly recommend Dave and Pass4fun to anyone"

Neat pass SharniThat's Neat

Willenhall girl Sharni Neat has just passed her driving test, Sharni explained to Pass4fun that she had had 3 previous Driving Instructors, and how she felt at ease with Dave (our Pass4fun instructor) Shari said, "Dave always explained everything in a way I found easy to understand. I had 3 other instructors, but felt really at ease with Dave" Sharni passed first time at Cannock.

Melissa Hall Has passed image

Absolutely loved my lessons

Melissa Hall from Pelsall has just passed her driving test at Cannock. Melissa passed first time, she revealed later how her Pass4fun instructor helped her through her test nerves. Melissa said "I was as nervous as hell, Dave kept me calm and just kept telling me to believe in myself. Absolutely loved my lessons, would recommend Dave to anyone"

Kelly Hayward is a success imageA laugh every lesson

Congratulations to Kelly Hayward from Featherstone near Wolverhampton, Kelly who is 23 years old passed first time with just two driver faults. We asked Kelly to give us some feedback about her experiences with Pass4fun Driving School, Kelly said "I really enjoyed the experience of learning to drive, it was a laugh every lesson"

Rachel Porter imageGet away Rachel

Rachel Porter from Tettenhall Wolverhampton, passed first time and was really pleased to pass. Rachel told Wayne about why the timing was perfect for her, she said "Its great to pass just before I go away on holiday"

Alando Lewis imageProud safe driver

Alando Lewis from Tipton, passed his test with just a couple of faults. Alando can now fetch his nan to visit. Alando said "Terry is a great instructor and a friend, no matter how bad or good I thought I was doing he always encouraged me to focus and do my best. He motivated and instructed me very well, now I’m a proud safe driver, thanks to Terry …. Top man"

Mark Wilkes image

Its a passion to pass

Mark Wilkes from Upper Gornal passed his test with flying colours. Mark quoted "Terry’s a very good driving instructor, he has a high passion for students to pass and has good experience"

Hannah MatthewsGreat teacher and a great laugh

Hannah Mathews from Willenhall passed with  very few faults at 17 years old. Hannah sent a quote as follows "Thank you so much. The way I started off I would never have dreamed of passing. I fully recommend that if you are going with Pass4fun you should have Terry because he is a great teacher and a great laugh"

Paul Pring imageWicked teacher

Paul Pring from Wolverhampton passed his driving test with one minor fault. Paul said of Terry "Wicked teacher, passed me in 9 weeks. Lots of time and calm throughout lessons. Thank you loads, Paul"

Leon James trained and passed with Pass4fun Driving School

First class ticket to pass

Leon James from Wolverhampton , passed first time with just two driver faults.  Leon said "from having zero experience to passing first time, first class teaching with zero pressure. Thanks Terry"

yasseeem looks very pleased with himselfYasseem pleased

Yasseem passed today  Quote : "Thank you Pass4fun The instructors make you feel at ease and help every step of the way, thank's for everything Paul"




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Craig New gets a licenceNew licence

Craig New from Pensnett passed his test first time with only one minor fault. Congratulations Craig on a job well done. When asked for a quote, Craig said "Terry was a very experienced instructor who coached me well, he was friendly and easily approachable. Thanks Terry"

Craig Hill after passing his driving testInstruction from Pass4fun excellent

Terry Chambers passed his test with very few faults, and is now preparing  to pick up his new company car.

When asked for a quote for the testimonial page, Terry said "I found the instruction from Pass4fun excellent.
I was a nervous student who was put at ease throughout my period of learning and I have now passed, thank you"
Terry also added "on a personal level I want to say thank you, I know I have not been the easiest student but you got me to pass, so again thank you"

Congratulations on passing Terry and say hello to your son for me. Terry (P4F)

Dodger aka Sarbjit imageSarb 1 Kully 0

Sarbjit from Wolverhampton passed his driving test with just a couple of driving faults. Sarb is 17 years old and has passed just before his mate Kully.

Sarb sent the following quote, "Terry is an excellent driving instructor, I highly recommend Terry and Pass4fun to everyone who wants to learn to drive"

Lee Hill gets his licence img

Happy families with Pass4fun

Congratulations go to Lee Hill aged 28 from New Invention Willenhall. We asked Lee for a quote for our testimonials page and this is what he had to say. "Thanks Dave for getting me through my test first time, I've already recommended you to my sister and my partners brother. Thanks a million again Dave"

Kieron after another successful trip to the test centre for Paul DunnEnjoyable experience

Kieran from Heath Hayes said he found "driving a very enjoyable experience" and picked up learning to drive quite quickly and easily. Taking only 5 months from start to finish and passing 1st time.



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Nocola upon passing her driving testBrilliant and supportive

Nicola texed her quote to us and this is what she said, "Thanks to Pass4fun 4 everything Paul is a brilliant teacher and has been very supportive every step of the way.... Thanks Paul your the best!"

Paul tells us that Nicola started with him about 4 months ago after failing her test 6 years previous, Nicola told Paul she found the whole experience much better this time around which seems confirmed by her quote, well done Nicola!

Steven from Tipton pictured after his test

No need to 'crib' you passed

Steven from Tipton who is a keen snooker player and a Wolves season ticket holder passed his test with flying colours first time.

Steven said, "Pass4fun is good and my instructor Terry is a top bloke and I would recommend him to anyone, even if  he is sh*t at crib"

katie after her test pass

There's a moral to this story

Katie  from Wolverhampton who is 17 years old passed her test first time.  Her boyfriend failed his test a few days earlier, bragging rights to Katie. (boyfriend didn't learn with Pass4fun)

Katie said, "Thanks Terry for all your help, didn’t think I would get there to be honest. Learning to drive has been one of the best experiences in my life. I have enjoyed every minute of it and could not have asked for a better more patient instructor! Thank you for all your help and advice Terry"

Lauren Hughes after passing her driving test img

Laugh a minute

Congratulations to Lauren Hughes on passing her driving test today just 10 weeks after her 17th birthday, asked what she thought of Dave her instructor Lauren said "Dave was a laugh a minute and she always enjoyed her lessons"

Pass4fun love people to pass their test imageSuperb top bloke

Well done Shayne Griffiths. After passing his driving test we asked Shayne for a quote and this is what he said. "Thanks to Pass4fun and a special thanks to Paul top bloke made me feel at ease and helped me through my test, one word superb"

We apologise for the poor quality of the image


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dan Bayliss is pictured after passing his driving testLaugh a minute = Another pass (4fun)

Pass4fun would like to congratulate Dan Bayliss on passing his driving test. When Dan was asked to give us a quote Dan had no hesitation recommending Dave Marsh, saying "He's a laugh a minute and I would recommend Dave to anyone"

Mike Peach is delighted to pass his test

A Peach of a pass

Mike Peach from Mossley in Bloxwich has joined our testimonials page well done Mike, when asked what he thought of his instructor, Mike said "I would recommend Pass4fun to anybody" and said how he "thoroughly enjoyed the experience of learning to drive"

At this point we at Pass4fun would like to pass on our congatulations to our instructor Dave Marsh for his first entry onto our "wall of fame"....... keep them coming! And like all the others before, the image and comment will be uploaded to our facebook page where everyone can view and comment on them.

rachel ward is on the right tracks now she has passed img

Great tutor

Rachel Ward who was another of Pass4fun's pupils has joined our wall of fame, and sent us this quote after passing her test. "Thank you so much for everything you're a great tutor, take care"

sylvia dando another success for Pass4fun img

"X"cellent teacher

A massive well done from all at Pass4fun on passing your driving test our Instructor says how well you have done and is very proud of you.

Sylvia from Dudley said "Paul I would recommend you and Pass4fun to anyone who wants to learn to drive. You are an excellent teacher thank you Sylvia" x

And thanks for sealing it with a kiss.

andrew colbourn has passed his test with pass4fun driving school img

Nuff sed

"Can't thank u enough Paul thanx 4 every thing u hav done"

Thanks Andrew for the quote and congratulations from all of us at Pass4fun.

Ben Gordon another successful pupil

Deffo pass nd fast

Congratulations to Ben Gordon who passed his test today. We asked Ben for a quote and this is what he said. "Thanks for everything Paul can't believe I've passed in such a short time, deffo recommending u luk after self".

Liam O'brien after passing his driving test image

New life in the sun

On passing his driving test Liam was off to start a new life in Ibiza, but before he left Liam said "Terry is one fantastic instructor, with the patience of a saint and the wisdom to match. I would recommend Terry to anyone wanting to pass. Thank you Pass4fun!!!!!"

Ashley Banks picture after passing his driving test

Comfort zone

Ashley from Wednesfield passed his test first time with Terry and said "I highly recommend Pass4fun. As I only had driving experience on a motorcycle, I found myself out of my comfort zone when first driving a car. However, Terry soon gave me confidence and skills to pass first time. Thank you!"

Sophie Bainbridge has passed her test look

First time for Terry again

Sophie  passed first time with flying colours, who said " I’m so happy at passing my test first time, I couldn’t have had a better instructor, Terry was really friendly and made me feel at ease from the beginning. I’m looking forward  to taking my Passplus with Terry now and will recommend him to everyone"

Parm after passing his driving test first time

Brilliant Instructor

Congratulations Parm who is 17 years old and passed his driving test first time. Parm’s quote was "thanks for all the lessons and everything, Terry’s a brilliant instructor and I will be recommending him to all of my mates, thanks again"

paul ward after passing his driving test

Great bloke

After finding Pass4fun website on the internet I sent an email for more information. Upon meeting Terry, straight away he put me at ease. After the first lesson I knew he was the instructor for me. He’s  funny and very thoughtful in the way he teaches you and very genuine in what he does. So my message to you is, if you are looking for a driving instructor "he’s  ya man". Other members of my family and friends now go with him, and love every minute of it. Trust me guys he’s a great bloke and even better teacher, good luck guys.

Adam Hill has passed his driving test after having driving lessons with Pass4fun img

Hill starts are Adams speciality

Well done to Adam Hill on passing his driving test, Adam was delighted with Pass4fun and gave us a quote saying "The instructors are great, patient and meticulous in their style of teaching and I would strongly recommend Pass4fun especially Paul"

Adam Doughty from Darlaston img

The drinks are on Adam

Congratulations to Adam Doughty from Rough Hay Darlaston who has passed his driving test. Adam told his instructor, "I can't thank you enough, I still can't believe I passed. I'm gonna take you for a beer the weekend"

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Stephanie Truman pictured after her test success img


"Thanks Terry for sticking by me and thank you for your perseverance, you were Magnificent" These are the words of Stephanie Truman from Brierley Hill who works at New Cross Hospital as Physiotherapist assistant, but Stephanie doesn't need a driving assistant anymore.

Wolves player Nathan Rooney passed his test with Pass4fun

Pass4fun on and off the pitch

Wolves player Nathan Rooney is pictured left after passing his driving test, Nathan was asked if any other Wolves players would be interested in joining Pass4fun but a delighted Nathan told us that he was the only squad player who hadn't passed his test, and had been subjected to a lot of mickey taking at the Wolves because of this, so we are delighted to have helped Nathan get that monkey off his back and he can now concentrate on keeping the Wolves in the premier league.

We need more footballers to join Pass4fun so if you play give us a call and you to could "Pass4fun on and off the pitch"!

Mitch after passing his test

Mitch sorts it!

Mitch had had previous driving experience with another driving school before joining Pass4fun, and had failed his first test, then came to Pass4fun. Mitch said “ I would like to thank Terry and Pass4fun for sorting out all of  my faults". Mitch passed with just 4 minor faults.

Lisa Colbourne after passing her driving test img

New test same result

Congratulations go to Lisa Colbourne from Dudley who has passed the new practical driving test at the Lower Gornal test centre. Lisa is one of our first pupils to pass the new test, so she won't be needing that bus in the background! After posing for the photograph Lisa said she was, "delighted to pass and could not thank Terry and Pass4fun enough"

Stuart Ball after passing his driving test image

The examiner passes the Ball

Congratulations to Stuart Ball from Tamebridge Walsall, Stuart had a little driving experience from years ago, and started in May as he wanted to pass his test before the cold weather arrived, as he didn't fancy another winter going to work on his bike! Stuart passed his test 1st time with only a few driving faults, Paul who was Stuarts instructor came highly recommended as he taught Stuarts partner Tonya, who also passed 1st time and both Stuart and Tonya said they "highly recommend Paul as his teaching methods are simple and easy to understand and he makes learning to drive fun"

Bobby Hare has passed his driving test, well doneThe Hare is on the move

Alright Tel, it's Bobby. Here's my quote...

"My thanks go to Terry and Pass 4 Fun for passing my driving test first time. When you're learning it can be really stressful, so it was great to have an instructor who can lighten the mood with a good joke! I definitely recommend Pass 4 Fun... The name says it all!"


Thats the quote from Bobby as it was sent to us.

Emily Royster after her test success

It's all in the technique

Well done to Emily Royster aged 19 from Cheslyn Hay. Emily  had some driving experience but had not driven for 12 months and she had problems with the manoeuvres, but when Paul showed her a simple yet effective method even the parallel parking became a breeze. Emily passed first time after having only 15 lessons with Paul. Emily said "passing my test will make my commute to uni in Stoke so much easier, and I was very impressed with Paul's teaching technique".  Well done Paul on yet another first time pass.

Tara has passed her driving test well done

Expert tuition pays off for Tara

Congratulations to Tara aged 30 from Willenhall, Tara had previous driving experience and had taken 2 tests before joining Pass4fun, she did a mini intensive course where she had a series of lessons within a short period of time resulting in a pass with only 2 minor driving faults. Tara said "I felt more confident and better prepared going into this test than I had when going for my previous tests, thanks to the expert tution I have received  from Paul".  Tara also starts a new job soon so now having passed her test it will make her commute much easier. Tara is also looking at doing her pass plus course with Paul to enhance her driving skills. Only one more thing to add another 1st time pass for Paul !!!!!!!!!!!


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Craig Hall has passed his driving test with Pass4fun

It's a job passing your test

A massive well done to Craig Hall aged 24 from Walsall. He had 30 lessons with Pass4fun after he started with us in March, when he got a job at Wolverhampton business park at junction 2 off the M54 it was imperative he passed his test quickly, so he started having double lessons and passed 1st time with a few minor faults. Craig said "Paul has really impressed me with his teaching techniques, so much so that I have recommended Paul and Pass4fun to my girlfriend and she is going to learn to drive with Paul as well"


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Helen Noone from Bradley on passing her driving test

High Noone Pass

Congratulations to Helen Noone from Bradley on passing her driving test. She picked up her licence with just a few minor faults. Helen was very nervous before she took her test and she couldn’t keep her leg from shaking. After her test a delighted Helen said "Terry has been a great Driving Instructor, friend and councillor. Thank you so much".

Craig Jones another driving successCraig says Just Do It

Craig Jones from Brierley Hill says  "Terry really knows how to put his lessons across,  he got the best out of me and that takes some doing!"  Craig passed with 4 minor faults.  “I am very grateful to Terry for all his hard work" and he’s now looking forward to doing his Pass Plus Course.

Stephanie Ling has passed her driving test and here is her picture

Thumbs up for patient Instructor

Congratulations to Stephanie Ling from Tipton on passing her driving test, when asked for a comment about her experiences with Pass4fun Stephanie said "Terry was very helpful with my driving. Although I have only had 2 weeks with Pass4fun Terry has helped me iron out all of my faults and he was extremely patient with me".


Do you need to practice for your theory test why not try our free online theory tests

Tommy Davis

Champion mechanic

Well done to Tommy Davis who works as an apprentice car mechanic at Vauxhall.  Tommy passed his test 1st time with couple of minor faults despite being very nervous.  Tommy said "I was very very nervous but Terry made me feel confident and believe I could pass", and then added "many thanks to Terry and Pass4fun".

Joe Broadley after passing his driving test

Joe says we're simply the best

A massive well done to Joe Broadley from Bilston.Joe passed his test with just 3 minor faults. When asked for a quote after having his photograph taken Joe said, "Pass4fun are simply the best Driving School".

Adam Bowen is another success story

3 minors equals one driving licence

Congratulations to 18 year old Adam Bowen from Wednesfield, Adam said "doing extra lessons in the run up to my driving test helped enormously". Well passing first time with just 3 minor faults probably proves his point. Adam is now looking forward to doing his Pass Plus* which he starts within the month.



*Passplus is a course of lessons rewarded by most insurance companies with vastly reduced insurance premiums.
Sophie Millinson

Terry saves the day

On the right we have Sophie Millinson from Dudley. Pass4fun came to Sophie's rescue in her hour of need after Sophie's instructor went on holiday as her driving test date approached, so Sophie joined Pass4fun and with some alterations to her driving passed with 3 minor faults having miserably failed her first test (shame her instructor wasn't on holiday for the first test). Sophie couldn't thank Terry enough so much so she is going to do the Pass Plus* course with Terry.


*Passplus is a course of lessons rewarded by most insurance companies with vastly reduced insurance premiums.
Dheeraj Patel

Passplus* next for Dheeraj

Dheeraj Patel from Tipton was delighted to have passed his driving test and said "I cannot thank Terry and Pass4fun enough for all their help" and he has also said he would really like to do his Passplus* with us in the very near future.Well Dheeraj your father is also over the moon about you passing your driving test, because you can now drive the company van and generally help out with the family business. So congratulations Dheeraj.


*Passplus is a course of lessons rewarded by most insurance companies with vastly reduced insurance premiums.

thomas pugh

Pass4fun does what it says on the tin

Well done to Thomas Pugh  from Perry Hall in Wednesfield, on passing his driving test. Thomas had failed his driving test twice previously before joining us at Pass4fun, and so passed first time when he was learning to drive with a professional driving school, Thomas gave us a typically understated quote saying "Terry really knows what he is talking about".


Franci Lawlor has passed her driving test

Double celebration

Congratulations to Francis Lawlor on passing her driving test on the eve of her 24th birthday, Francis from Bloxwich joined us about 12 months ago and by her own admission was very nervous about driving, but with lots of hard work from Paul and dedication from Francis she was able to rise to the challenge, not only did she overcome her nerves but passed her driving test at the first attempt. When asked for a reaction Francis said "I would recommend Paul to anyone, he is very patient and understanding" Francis will be out on the town enjoying a double celebration so we'll drink to her success.

Ashley Goodall has passed his driving test

Pass his test? He Will-enh-all

Ashley Goodall from Rose Hill Willenhall has now overcome his nerves to pass his driving test, before joining Pass4fun Ashley had previous lessons with another driving school but had stopped because he was to nervous, so when he joined us Terry paid special attention to settle Ashley's nerves and make him comfortable with driving, which he obviously did. Asked about his impression of Terry and Pass4fun Ashley said "Terry gives 110% and he's always spot on"

Nina Pritchard driving test success

Childs play for Nina

Nina Pritchard from Pendeford has passed her driving test, which she should be warmly congratulated for, as to make it a little more difficult for herself she was 6 months pregnant. Asked about her thoughts about passing her driving test Nina said "Terry is a really great Driving Instructor and I would recommend him to anyone, many thanks"

Ashley Worgan passes his driving test

How's that!!

Ashley Worgan joins a long list of pupils from Bloxwich Cricket Club who have had lessons with Paul and passed first time. Asked about his success Ashley was quick with praise for Pass4fun and particularly Paul, after he hit the examiner for six with his perfect driving he said "I put my success down to Paul and his superb tuition" The 21 year old can now face his cricketing mates with his head held high. So well done Ashley.

Nathan OyenugaOxford "Uni"versal success

Congratulations to Nathan Oyenuga who has passed his driving test. Nathan who comes from Oxford but is living in Wolverhampton while studying at Wolverhampton University, had a little driving experience before joining Pass4fun and needed around 20 lessons. Nathan passed with just 2 minor faults. After passing his test Nathan said "I am very happy with Pass4fun and have recommended Paul to my housemate who starts lessons with you next week"

Adam Bunce

Adam takes the "Scenic" route

Well done to Adam Bunce from Tividale who has passed his driving test and now joins our wall of fame. We asked Adam to give us a quote and Terry didn't have time to write his reply down so Adam texted us his quote."Terry is very patient and committed to his pupils and takes a learners feelings with care" Well thanks for your quote.

Adam passed his driving test with just minor faults and has promised to buy his wife Lorraine a car. Well Lorraine a little birdie tells us you are having a Renault Scenic. What we at Pass4fun would like to know is what Adam is buying for himself?!

Ashley Makin

Ash Makin it a family affair

Another success to tell everyone about, is Ashley Makin from Leamore, congratulations Ash from all at Pass4fun.

After his success Ashley was quick to praise Paul and gave us a short quote, Ash said "I was really impressed with Paul and loved the car". Well Ashley knew what he was getting having Paul as his Instructor, because Paul taught his two older brothers Gary and Shane, but what Ash didn't know was Paul had had a new Ford Fiesta and as his quote says, he loved it.

And some other family news is younger sister Stacey is waiting in the wings and will be joining us sometime in the future, we at Pass4fun look forward to welcoming her to our "Pass4fun family"

Deanna Fearon

What a pass to achieve her goal

Congratulations to Deanna Fearon on passing her driving test. After her test Deanna said "I had lessons with another driving school but  I lacked confidence, so I changed to Pass4fun. My new instructor Paul built up my confidence and made me believe I was good enough to pass my test, which I did first time" Deanna added "Next to giving birth to my daughter it is the happiest day of my life. I would like to say a big thank you to Paul for all his hard work in helping me achieve my goal"

Georgina Ryder

It's all about style

Well done Georgina Ryder from Low Hill Wolverhampton, she has passed her driving test with just 3 minor faults. Georgina had lots of drivng experience but no licence so after just 9 lessons with Pass4fun Georgina said, "Terry is brilliant! I've been driving for 10 years, and Terry changed my whole style of driving in 9 hours!  I shall give Terry's number to all my friends" Well the best number to tell your friends is 0753 444 8327

Ryan Campbell

Block Booking Bonanza works for Ryan

Congratulations to Ryan Campbell from Wednesfield on passing his driving test. Ryan took advantage of our block booking scheme to bag a driving licence in double quick time, and at a budget price! Ryan needed just 25 lessons with us and so impressed was he with Pass4fun, he said "I would very highly recommend Terry" with just 3 minor faults Pass4fun will drink to that, in the Spread Eagle where Ryan works.

Georgina Smith

Good times for Georgina

Well done Georgina Smith. Georgina has passed her driving test and was delighted with Pass4fun, and told us about her experiences with other driving schools, Georgina said "I joined one driving school and for the first 5 lessons I never drove, we never moved all we did was talk. I had other instructors who taught me next to nothing, and I had a test and failed miserably, then I found Pass4fun and Paul! Now Paul has been fantastic and has taught me properly and I am so happy I found your driving school" Pass4fun would like to point out that you have full one hour lessons and you are guaranteed to drive even on your first lesson. So don't get caught out join Pass4fun.

Tiffany Scarlett from Bilston

Bragging rights for Tiffany

A massive well done to Tiffany Scarlett from Bilston who is still only 17. She passed her driving test with no faults and after passing she gave us a quote for this website. She said "Terry is simply The Best"  Well we'd all say that if we passed our test with no faults wouldn't we.

John Haynes after passing his driving test

Everything sound for Ashmore John

Congratulations on passing his driving test go to John Haynes from Ashmore Park in Wednesfield. John passed with just one question wrong and no driving faults. John joined us only a couple of months ago and gave us a short but we think flattering quote, John said "Everything about Pass4fun is sound"

driving lesson success for samanth smith

Pass4fun Instructors pass the test

Another success for us to tell you all about. Congratulations to Samantha Smith from Wolverhampton who has been delighted with Pass4fun Samantha says "I`ve had other driving instructors and I have never felt more at ease than with Terry and I also learned a lot more"

Tamsin after passing her driving testDad couldn't believe the difference Congratulations to Tamsin Hewett on passing her driving test, Tamsin who is from Bury St Edmunds had previously had many driving lessons in her hometown but unfortunately had had two failures at the test centre, so when she came to Wolverhampton to study at the University she decided to give driving another go and she found Pass4fun on the internet and decided she would learn with us. Tamsin says "I recently returned home to visit, and found Dad had some trouble with his arm, so he asked me to ferry him around with the L plates on his car, Dad was so impressed with how I was driving and he couldn't believe the improvement in my driving after such a short time" Tamsin also added "Terry is a really great Instructor and I would recommend him and Pass4fun to anyone"
unknown driving test success

Unknown success with Pass4fun

Another success for Pass4fun has been Stephen from Coseley who wants to stay annoymous because, he was doing an extended driving test having been banned from driving due to an accumulation of penalty points.

Stephen says "I was so impressed when Paul turned up in a brand new Ford Fiesta, and he soon sorted out my errors and I was ready for my test after just 5 lessons, good luck to Pass4fun in the future"

Well thank you Stephen for your recommendation and Paul says "it was good fun to be your Driving Instructor and he would also like to wish you all the best in the future."

Lindsey another first time pass with Pass4fun

Delighted Lindsey

The young lady on the left is Lindsey Bradney who is 18 years old and lives in Essington. Lindsey had around 45 lessons with us over a period of around 12 months and would like to recommend us as she says "I was very happy with Paul and the car and the whole learning process was first class, good luck to Pass4fun in the future"

Well thank you Lindsey for your recommendation and Paul says "it was good fun to be your Driving Instructor and I would also like to wish you good luck in the future."

Emma after passing her driving test at the first attempt

Beat that Bro'

Congratulations to Emma Watton and welcome to our wall of fame. Emma started lessons with us about 10 months ago, and had around 35 lessons. Emma says "I found Pass4fun and the car very good and I highly recommend them, so much so that my younger brother can't wait to start lessons with you in November when he turns 17"

So we at Pass4fun look forward to welcoming your brother as one of our pupils before the end of the year.

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