Refund Policy

Refund Policy is as follows: These terms only apply to transactions paid directly to Pass4fun Limited. For notice of cancellation received more than 2 working days before commencement of driving tuition a refund of 100% of total tuition will be granted minus £12.50 administration charge.

You must provide proof that you placed the order by way of Authcode (on receipt), Name on purchasers card, Type of card and first 6 digits of card number.

NO REFUND can be granted once the tuition begins, except in exceptional circumstances, an example of exceptional circumstances would be a medical condition that was unknown before the booking was made and causes driving issues.

IF A REFUND can be given, this would entail charging every lesson at full price, then deducting the administration charge of £12.50 and refunding you the balance. An example of this would be:
Deal paid for – 3 lessons for £83, one lesson taken charged at £30 less £12.50 administration charge, amount refunded £40.50. If 2 lessons had been taken or charged for then £10.50 would be refunded.

ALL REFUNDS are at the sole discretion of Pass4fun Limited.

Please be aware that payments paid by you to the Instructor are private transactions that we can have no control over and are not covered by the above refund policy.

Always buy packages online on our website.