Testimonials / Wall of Fame

Carolyn 1 300x226 - Testimonials

Excellent instructor

Another first time pass. Michael is an excellent instructor I would recommend him to anyone he is lovely, but will tell you has it is lol. Thank you so much passed first time with 3 driver faults Carolyn from Bentley

femalephotonotavailable 1 300x261 - Testimonials

Her brilliant teaching

I would like to add a testimonial to your web site for my daughter Chloe. Chloe had her first lesson on her 17th birthday at the end of May with Donna. She instantly made a connection with Donna who put her very much at ease. Over the weeks that followed she quickly began building her confidence and instilling in her good driving practices that enabled her to pass first time on 15th October. Both Chloe and I cannot thank her enough for her patience and understanding and of course her brilliant teaching. We both would highly recommend Donna to anyone looking for a gem of an instructor

Sophie 300x225 - Testimonials

Automatic pass

Sophie learned in one of our automatic cars and sent us this quote.

Hiya sorry took me so long ..yeah I feel really confident and I felt that I learnt a lot in my lessons thanks so much … I really enjoyed and am really enjoying it…..

Thanks so much . Sophie

Alceo Richardson 300x225 - Testimonials

Anyone looking for top class driving instructor

Alceo kindly sent this review. “Started driving with David and I have to say it has been a great experience. With his guidance, patience and great teaching skills I have been able to pass my practical test on the first attempt. I definitely would recommend David for anyone looking for top class driving instructor.”

Tipton, West Midlands

Renelle Mcanuff 300x225 - Testimonials

Renelle is a passer with Pass4fun

This is Renelle from Tipton. who passed her test with only five driver faults. Well done Renelle from all the Pass4fun team.

shown 300x225 300x225 - TestimonialsIf you are Shown the right way

We have received this message from Shown’s family (Shown is pictured on the left) “this is on behalf of me and my family. We appreciate your hard work to teach Shown and we appreciate ur attitude towards him. You are a good teacher and a humble and caring person. May God bless you abundantly and prosper you throughout your life and business. Kind Regards, Shown and Family”

JoeRound2 300x225 - Testimonials

First time pass

Pictured here is Joe Round from Wednesfield. Joe took just 6 months from start to finish and passed first time.

Well done Joe

PS thanks for the great 5 star review you’ve posted on facebook. Safe driving.

SarahHorton 1 300x225 - TestimonialsChilled atmosphere

This is the message as we received it.
Dear Sir/Madam, I recently passed my test with your company Pass4 Fun with your instructor Pete. ‘Thank you to Pete for all of your help and support in my driving lessons! I passed first time with no minor faults! 100% recommend him! He was patient and created a very calm and chilled atmosphere for every lesson! ‘Attached is a photo of myself holding the driving test certificate. Yours sincerely Sarah

BrendanHolmes 300x225 - TestimonialsBrendan doesn’t pull his punches

Well done to yet another first time passer Brendan who’s from Tipton, and this is the review he sent us. “Thank you for all your support in my driving lessons Aky, sound bloke couldn’t done it without him! Passed 1st time with only 3 minors I would 100% recommend him to everyone! great bloke thanks again mate n see you around Brendan. Cheers

wayne 300x225 - TestimonialsHis tuition was outstanding

Pictured here is Wayne who passed his test first time with zero faults, he sent us this message “would like to say for pass4fun website, Would like to say thank you to Paul my instructor all the time he was professional but also a great friend, his tuition was a outstanding and it was always an enjoyable lesson, top instructor cheers”

JohnathanHussey 300x225 - TestimonialsA clean sheet…. Zero Minors

Well here we have Johathan from Wolverhampton. And the really great news is he passed with a clean sheet…. Zero Minors.. Absolutely brilliant. Well done Johnathan, and well done to Paul, your instructor.

AshleyPerks 300x225 - TestimonialsYou are a legend

Ashley passed first time and he sent this review. “Before I started my lessons with pass for fun I was with a different company who made me feel I couldn’t achieve my goal to become a safe driver and to pass my test then I I came across pass for fun and started taking lessons with a brilliant instructor named Terry he was great he learnt me everything I know today about driving and if it wasn’t for him and the company I wouldn’t of passed my practical I would definitely recommend anybody who is interested in learning to drive to go to pass for fun they are brilliant and they go above and beyond to make sure you are ready thank you Terry you are a legend mate”

PeterThompson 300x225 - TestimonialsAlways encouraging and cheerful

Congratulations to Peter from Willenhall, we asked him for a quote and this is what he had to say “Well what can I say, Terry he’s a great instructor. He may moan and groan about waking up early on a Sunday morning to see me but he was always encouraging and cheerful. He also gave me tips and hints about driving and taught me to drive and that was a hard thing in its self. That’s why I will also respect him and call him a friend not just a instructor. Thanks Terry and also the car was great to drive and felt so smooth on the road. Thanks again!”

BrittanyHorton 300x233 - TestimonialsExtremely patient

Brittany Horton from brierley hill has passed recently and Britts sent us this quote. “A massive thank you to Pete for helping me to pass! Would definitely recommend him to anyone, he’s extremely patient and helped to build my confidence on the roads, I wouldn’t have been able to pass without all of his support! Thankyou again:)”

ChloeGlaze 300x300 - TestimonialsAmazing the whole way through

This is Chloe Glaze from Old Hill, Cradley Heath who passed her driving test first time, so we asked Chloe for a quote and this is what she said. “Hiya Pete! Sorry it’s so late! You were absolutely amazing the whole way through. I never would of passed first time would it not have been for you! You have so much patience and understanding. Thank you for everything!”

kashif - TestimonialsPerfect Clean Sheet

“Well what can say, no matter how much I praise my Instructor Terry it just wouldn’t be enough. After having a few Instructors I found Terry after contacting Pass4Fun, and found Terry to be a teacher and a source of guidance which is what I always looked for and needed. Simple, straightforward, old school and great value for money. Before meeting Terry I did have driving experience so he didn’t have to work himself too hard with me but one thing he did do for sure was he really polished my skills squeaky clean. Made me think deeper into what I was doing and how I could do a certain manoeuvre quickly, safely, swiftly and much more effectively. A few days before my practical test there was a sudden change in car but Terry was there all the way and didn’t for one second let me focus on anything else apart from that pass certificate. He sat me down and really made me believe in my driving skills and ability, made me realise that no matter which car I took my test on, nothing could stop me from achieving what I set out to achieve. He sat me down on the morning of my practical and gave me a little Old School talk. I took a deep breath in and had faith in the teachings and methods of Terry. That talk would then take me onto passing my test with flying colours, a Perfect Clean Sheet. Zero Minors. Just what I always wanted and talked about. Terry I just want to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a great teacher as well as a loyal friend. Thank you Pass4Fun for picking me up from a desperate moment of need after being let down elsewhere at the last minute and taking me to pitch perfection.”

claireNoblett - TestimonialsAlways encouraging

Congratulations to Claire pictured who is from Netherton, We asked her for her thoughts about Pass4fun and this is what she sent us. “Pass4fun were great, Pete was brilliant always encouraging me and knew I could pass, thank you so much couldn’t of wished for a better instructor thank you so much Claire” Thanks for the kind words and enjoy your driving. The Pass4fun team.

rachel - TestimonialsPass4fun are a brilliant company

Congratulations to Rachel from Netherton on passing her driving test. As always we asked Rachel for a quote and this is what she had to say. “Pass4fun are a brilliant company. Pete has been an excellent instructor. Always on time or early. Pushed me and gave me confidence resulting in me passing second time”

tatjana - Testimonialsloved learning with him

I loved learning with him Pictured here is Tatjana after her first time pass. TJ kindly gave us this quote. “Pass4fun were fantastic. My instructor, Pete was always reliable, patient and fun. I loved learning with him and would never have been able to pass in the time I did or first time without him”

kyle - TestimonialsBrilliant instructor

Kyle from Ashmore Park passed 1st time here’s his quote. “Thank you Paul – Brilliant Instructor I started my driving lessons with Pass4fun in early March. Throughout every lesson, Paul has always given me the confidence I needed and boosted me to achieve my goal of passing my test first time. Throughout every stall and mistake, Paul always reassured me and gave me the utmost belief I needed. I can’t thank Paul enough for his time and patience throughout my lessons with him. Your skills and professionalism as a driving instructor are next to none. I highly recommended Paul to anyone who wants to undertake lessons with Pass4fun they are an exceptionally great value for money”

ash - TestimonialsComfortable driving experience

Ash from Dudley took an extended test and passed with 2 minors! This is what a delighted Ash had to say. “Will recommend to all, excellent instructor. Learnt lots not just to pass my test but become a better driver than what I was. Comfortable driving experience and had fun. And PASSED!!! A credit to the Pass4fun”

EleanorBartlett - TestimonialsThe friendly approach

Eleanor from Holly Hall recently passed her driving test with just one minor fault, Eleanor sent us a quote “Thanks to Pass4fun I was able to pass my theory and practical driving test first time with ease. The friendly approach Terry has to driving definitely enabled me to learn quickly and his encouragement enabled me to believe in myself and my abilities which paid off. Since my first lesson with Pass4fun I felt very comfortable and confident in my ability to drive. Each lesson increased my confidence and I became able to handle and operate the car with ease. Terry made me feel very relaxed and always pushed me to improve on my driving. Learning to drive in the Hyundai i30 was a great experience as the car itself is not too big so it was perfect to be able to successfully carry out the manoeuvers and handle in general.” Happy driving Eleanor, from the Pass4fun team.

BenHomer - TestimonialsReliable, and FUN

Ben Homer passed his driving test with just four minor faults. Ben can now start driving his Renault Megan without a co-pilot now. When asked for a quote Ben sent this text message “Pass4fun and Terry, excellent service, very friendly, experienced, reliable, and FUN’.

Happy motoring Ben, from all the team.

sam - TestimonialsAbsolutely brilliant, 5 STAR

Pictured here is Sam from Wall Heath, and she excitedly told us all about her experience of learning to drive with Pass4fun and this is what she had to say. “Absolutely brilliant, 5 star if you want to drive after your test feeling ready and confident then get Mike at Pass4fun”

EmilyByrnes 300x225 - TestimonialsThank you Pass4fun

A big well done to Emily Byrnes from Walsall, Emily had never driven before and passed 1st time. This is what she had to say “Thank you Pass4fun for everything. A massive thank you to Paul my instructor who has been with me for every stall, mistake and achievement. I couldn’t have done it without his support”

AshleyBradley 300x225 - TestimonialsInstalled me with bunches of confidence

Ashley Bradley from Bentley. Ashley was recommended by his girlfriend Rebecca Duckers who passed with Pass4fun earlier in the year. Ashley passed 1st time and this is what he had to say. “Thanks for everything mate, never had any lessons until you taught me some great techniques to remember things by, laid back and calm, always punctual, very friendly didn’t put any pressure on me and installed me with bunches of confidence, thanks, mate”

ColtonWilliams 300x225 - TestimonialsAmazing driving instructor

Colton Williams from Dudley today passed his driving test, first time with very few faults. He will now be able to get behind the wheel of his Mini Cooper. Colton had this to say about Terry and Pass4fun, ‘Terry was an amazing driving instructor. I would highly recommend him for anyone!! Very friendly and very polite, I could not fault him, thanks for everything’. Good luck with everything Colt.

JamieBates 300x225 - TestimonialsLessons are very enjoyable

Pictured here is Jamie from Willenhall, who passed his driving test with flying colours, when asked for a quote Jamie said “lessons with Pass4fun are very enjoyable as the instructor always has the greatest confidence and patience with you. The lessons are well taught and all of the greatest accessories are provided”. Well done Jamie, drive carefully.


KateJohnson 300x225 - TestimonialsEnthusiastic instructor

Nice one Kate who passed her test with only one minor fault. She will now be able to drive her Fiesta whenever she wants.Kate said ” Terry is a great, enthusiastic instructor and I found the lessons were fantastic”. We all hope you have many happy years of safe driving.


kirsty 300x225 - TestimonialsThanks for everything!!

Congratulations to Kirsty Fellows from Castlecroft, as ever we got a quote and here’s what she said.

“Very good instructor, highly recommended, a pleasure to have passed with, very friendly and gave me a lot of confidence!
Thanks for everything!! Will recommend you in future to anyone I know, thank you!……..Kirsty from Castlecroft..”