Message from Pass4fun

We are waiting to receive official guidelines from the DVSA, so until that time here are our suggestions.
Have sanitizing gel available in the car and use regularly.
Ask pupils to wash their hands prior to any driving lessons.
Sanitize vehicle after each lesson with alcohol wipes and sanitise all touch points before any lesson (preferably in front of the property of the pupil), that way they can feel confident of their safety at the start of the lesson.
Don’t touch the pupil.
Don’t touch controls after sanitizing.
Ask pupil to wear a face covering.
ADI should wear a face covering.
Ensure aircon is not on recirculation mode.
Have windows down as much as possible to aid air flow.
Lesson length
Try to do double lessons where possible to cut down on pupil contacts in a day.
If 2 hour not an option try to do 90 minute lessons.
Avoid one hour lessons if possible.
Never car share.
If any of your household or pupil household are showing symptoms, you must cancel the lesson.
Purchase a digital temperature reader, if candidate agrees check their temperature whilst both wearing a face covering. But only if they agree.
Keep full itinerary of pupils who have lessons. As a minimum, document name address and mobile number. Keep records for a minimum of 28 days, after which they should be destroyed.
The above are just suggestions, and we are waiting for DVSA official guidelines.